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Intro: |G - F - C - Am| - |G - F - C| - |C - C/B|  

|Am| So I stood by the roadside, the soles of my |F| running shoes gripping
The tarmac lik
e gunmetal |Am| magnets |F|

|Am| Fixed on the front of her Fassbinder face was the |F| kind of a smile
That only a rather dull |Am| child could have drawn
While attempting a graveyard in the |F| moonlight

But |Am| she was impressed, you could see that she thought I looked |F| fine
And |Am| when she turned sweeter, the reason, between you and |F| me, was
She'd just seen my green Lambor-|Am| ghini |F|


......So we |C| went for a spin in the |Am| country |Am/B|
......To |C| feel the wind in our |Am| hair |Am/B|
......To |C| feel the power of my |Am| engine |Am/B|
......To |C| feel the thrill of de-|Am| sire

Solo: |C - Am| x 2 - |F - C| x 2 - |G - F - C|  

And |F| then in the trees I |C| heard a twig snap
|F| Warning lights flashed on my |C| map
I |F| opened my eyes and |C| to my surprise

There were |G| Arabs with |F| knives at the |C| foot of the |Am| bed
|G| Right at the |F| foot of the |C| bed

......Oh my |C| God, |C/B| how did they get in |Am| here
......I |C| thought we were |C/B| safe home in |Am| England
......She said, |F| come on now kid, it was |C| wrong what you |F| did
......You've |G| got to ad-|F| mit it was |C| wrong what you |CAm| did
......You've |G| got to ad-|F| mit it was |C| wrong

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