domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012


En los Em (022003) alterna, sin seguir un patrón muy regular, con Em9 (022002).

Intro: |Em| + |Tab|

|Em| Hey... girl... Take out the dagger, and let's have a
stab at the |C| sexual |C - D| revo-|Em| lution |Tab|

|Em| Hey girl... Let freedom for all be our rallying call
To-|C| morrow lets make... |C| our |D| new reso-|Em| lution |Tab|

......Yeah, but to-|C| night lie |D| still
......While I |G| plunder |D/F#| your sweet |Em| grave |Em/D|
......And re-|C| member, |D| only the poor can be |Em| saved

|Em| Hey girl, as I've always said I prefer your lips red
Not |C| what the good Lord made, |C| but |D| what he in-|Em| tended |Tab|

|Em| Hey girl, don't point the finger at me
I am only a |C| rat in a maze like you, and |D| only
the |Em| dead go free |Tab|

......So |C| please, please hold my |D| hand
......As we |G| blunder |D/F#| through the |Em| maze |Em/D|
......And re-|C| member... |D| Nothing can grow without |Em| rain 

Solo: |Em - C| x 4 - |Em ----- Am ----- Em| 

|C| Ooh... |D| ooh... |G| shooah... |D/F#| shooah ... |Em| ooh

......Noooo, |C| don't point your |D| finger at |Em| me

......|G| I a-|D/F#| woke in a |Em| fever
......The |G| bedclothes were |D/F#| all soaked in |Em| sweat
......She |G| said "You've been |D/F#| having a |Em| nightmare
......|G| And it's |D/F#| not over |Em| yet"
......Then she |C| picked up the doggy in the |D| window
......(The |G| one with the |D/F#| waggly |Em| tail)
......And she |G| put him to bed |D| between two bits of |Em| bread

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