viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012


Seguimos. Tal vez la mejor del disco. Cm6 es x3x545

|Am| As cars go by I cast my mind's eye
|F| back packs on roof racks
Beyond the horizon, where
|Dm7| dream makers
Working white plastic processors
Invite the unwary
|G| to reach for the pie in the sky
Go fishing my boy!
|G4 - G5|

Instr: |Cm - Cm6 - B| - |C - Cm| x 2 - |B7| - |Em - Em/D - C - D|

We set |Bm7| out in the spring with a trunk full of books about |D| everything
|Bm7| solar devices and how nice natural |D| childbirth is

|C| cut down some |Cm| trees
......And we |C| trailed our i-|Cm| deals through the |B7| forest glade
......We |C| dammed up the |Cm| stream
......And the |C| kids cooled their |Cm| heels in the |B7| fishing pool we'd made
......|Em| We held hands and we |Em/D| exchanged bands
......And we |C| practically lived off the |D| land

You a-
|Bm7| dopted a fox cub whose mother was somebody's |D| coat
|Bm7| fed him by hand and then snuggled him down
by the
|D| grandfather bed while I wrote 

......And we |C| grew our own |Cm| maize
......And I |C| only oc-|Cm| casionally |B7| went into town
......To |C| stock up on |Cm| antibi-|C| otics
......And |Cm| shells for the |B7| shotgun that I kept around
......I |Em| told the kids stories while |Em/D| you worked your loom
......And the |C| sun went down sooner each |D| day 

Instr: |G - D/F# - Em - Em/D - C - G/B - Am - D7|
Instr: |G - G/B - Am7 - G - G/F# - Em - C - G/B - Am| 

Solo saxo: |Bm7 - D| x 2 - |C - Cm| x 2 - |B7| 

The |Bm7| leaves all fell down, our crops all turned brown, it was |D| over
As the
|Bm7| first snowflakes fell I realized all was not |D| well in the camp 

......The |C| kids caught bron-|Cm| chitis
......The |C| space heater |Cm| ran out of |B7| diesel
......One |C| weekend a |Cm| friend from the |C| East
......Rot his |Cm| soul stole your |B7| heart
......I said, |Em| fuck it then, take the |Em/D| kids back to town
......|C| Maybe I'll see you a-|D| round |D7| 

Instr: |G - D/F# - Em - Em/D - C - G/B - Am - D7|
Instr: |G - Am7 - G/B - C - G/B - Am| 

And so |G| leaving |D/F#| all our |Em| hopes and |Em/D| dreams
To the
|C| wind |G/B| and the |Am7| rain |D7| 

Taking |G| only our stash, left our |Am7| litter and |G/B| trash
|C| set out |G/B| ... on the |Am| road a-|G| gain |G/B - Am7|
|G| On the |G/F#| road a-|Em| gain |C - G/B|
On the |Am| ro---|G - G/B - Am7 - G - G/F#|---ad a-|Em| gain

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