sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012


Semana Roger Waters. Va, de aquí en adelante, todo el Pros and Cons, en orden. Sacando y poniendo el dedito en la cuarta cuerda durante los C y Am de las estrofas, por supuesto. En Am/B, se entiende, no hay que tocar todo el acorde, solo el bajo.

Wake up, you're dreaming... What? ... You're dreaming.

Intro: |F - C| x 2 - |Dm - Em - G - Gaug| - |Am|

We were |C| moving away from the |Am| border |Am/B
|C| Looking for somewhere to |Am| sleep |Am/B|
The |C| two of us sharing the |Am| driving |Am/B|
Two |C| hitchhikers slumped in the |Am| back seat |Am/B|

I |C| sneaked a quick look in the |Am| mirror
|C| She gave me a smile |Am - Am/B|
|C| I said, is anyone |Am| hungry? |Am/B|
|C| Should we stop for a while? |Am - Am/B|

So we |C| pulled off into a layby |Am - Am/B|
Her |C| dress blew up over her |Am| head |Am/B|
|C| I said, would you like to |Am| come with me? |Am/B|
She said |C| ... something foreign under her |Am| breath

......And the |F| sun shone down on her |C| lovely young limbs
......I |F| thought to myself she's much |C| too good for you
......I |F| lay down beside her with |C| tears in my |F| eyes
......She said...

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