sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012


"Hello, |C| you wanna cup of coffee?"
|Dm7| "I'm sorry, would you like a cup of coffee?
|G| Ok, you take cream and sugar? Sure."

In |C| truck stops and hamburger joints, in Cadillac limousines
In the company of |Dm7| has-beens and bent-backs
|G| And sleeping forms on pavement steps

In |C| libraries and railway stations, in books and banks
|Dm7| In the pages of history, in |G| suicidal cavalry attacks
I recognise... |C - G/B - Am
|F| Myself in |G| every stranger's |C| eyes

And in |C| wheelchairs by monuments, under tube trains and commuter accidents
In |Dm7| council care and county courts
|G| At Easter fairs and sea-side resorts

In |C| drawing rooms and city morgues, in award winning photographs
Of life rafts on the China seas, in |Dm7| transit camps, under arc lamps
On unloading ramps |G| In faces blurred by rubber stamps
I recognise... |C - G/B - Am|
|F| Myself in |G| every stranger's |C| eyes

......And |C| now, from where I stand, upon this |Dm7| hill
......I plundered from the |G| pool
......I look a-|C| round, I search the skies, I shade my |Dm7| eyes
......So nearly |G| blind
......And I see |C| signs of half re- |C/B| membered |Am| days
......I hear bells |Am/G| that |F| chime |C/E
......in |Dm7| strange familiar |G| ways
......I recog-|C| nise... |G/B - Am|
......|F| The hope you |G| kindle in your |C| eyes

Inter: |C - F - G - Em - Am - F - G| 

......|C| It's oh so easy now as we |F| lie here in the |G| dark
......Nothing |Em| interferes, it's obvious
......How to |Am| beat the tears
......That |F| threaten to snuff out
......The |G| spark of our |C| love

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