jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009


Esto que voy a hacer no tiene sentido, pero lo voy a hacer igual. No tiene sentido porque nadie entra acá a descubrir canciones para tocar, sino para ver qué versión hay de lo que ya conoce. Y está bien. Nadie se va a poner a escuchar una canción que no conoce las 5, 6, 7 veces necesarias para familiarizarse con ella y poder tocarla. Lo que no tiene sentido, entonces, es recomendar que, si no conocen esta canción, se pongan a escucharla 5, 6, 7 veces o las que sean necesarias, de modo de familiarizarse con ella para poder tocarla. Bueno, eso es exactamente lo que estoy recomendando. Porque Red Rabbits es de una belleza tal que vale todas las penas. 

Originalmente está en G#. Muy linda, sí, pero para la voz de Mercer, que es una bestia. Con estas posiciones se toca y canta bien, obviamente se puede subir todo lo que a uno le dé el cuero.

Intro: |D - G - C| |D - Bm - C| |D - Bm - Em| - |F - A|

|D| Hurled to the |G| center of the |C| earth again
|D| The place where it’s |Bm| hot love, you know it |C| hurts to breathe |D| in
And the |Bm| watershed you balance on is |Em| begging it
Well did he |F| ever know? Will he |A7| ever know?

|D| The trees in the |G| moonshine are a |C| dark lattice
|D| So you |Bm| catalogue every |C| angle you |D| notice
In a |Bm| vacuum you are charged to |Em| record this
So you |G| won’t make it |A| easy on |G| me

......I |D| can’t go into this no |C| more,
......it puts too |D| many thorns on my |G| mind
......And the |A| necessary balloon lies a |D| corpse on the floor
......We’ve pissed in |C| far |D| too |C| ma- |D| ny |G| Sprites
......And they’re |A| all standing up for their rights

Inter: |D - G - C| - |D - Bm - C| 

|D| Born on a |G| desert floor, you’ve the |C| deepest thirst
|D| And you |Bm| came to my sweet |C| shore to in- |D| dulge it
With the |Bm| wan and drilling eyes of an |Em| orphan
But there was |F| not enough, there is |A7| not enough

|D| Out of a |G| gunnysack fall |C| red rabbits
|D| Into a |Bm| crucible to be |C| rendered an e- |D| mulsion
And we |Bm| can’t allow a chance they’d res- |Em| tore themselves
So we |G| can’t make it |A| easy on |G| you

......Un- |D| daunted, you bathe in hollow |C| cries.
......The boys with |D| swollen sunburnt |G| eyes
......A re- |A| ward for letting nothing |D| under their skin
......So help me |C| I |D| don’t |C| know |D| I |G| might
......Just |A| give the ole Dark Side a try |F - D|

............Don’t |G| cast your willing eyes on the |A| shore
............‘til we even the |F| score |D|
............I still |G| owe you for the hole in the |A| floor
............And the ghost in the |F| hall |D|
............Who de- |G| cides who paddles over the |A| falls?
............Who makes the |A| call? Who makes the |A| call?

Instr: |D - G - C| |D - Bm - C| |D - Bm - Em| - |G - A|
......|G| I |D| know there’s an eventu- |C| al
......Release from |D| every scale of |G| crime
......But the |A| necessary balloon lies a |D| corpse on the floor
......We’ve pissed on |C| far |D| too |C| ma- |D| ny  
......|C| good |D| in- |C| ten- |D| tions
......|C| Held |D| by |C| cle- |D| ver |G| sprites
......And they’re |A| all standing up for their rights... |D|

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