domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009


Sí, señores, Nightswimming para rascar. Una verdadera falta de respeto a la música. Pero es que suena lindo, no me pude resistir. Pruebenlá. Se escucha acá.

Intro: |G - C| |G - D|

|G| Night- |C| swimming |D| de- |G| serves a quiet night  |C - A - C - D| 

The |G| photograph on the |C| dashboard, |D|
|G| taken years a- |C| go, |A|
|C| Turned around backwards so the |D| windshield shows
|G| Every streetlight |C| re- |D| veals the
pic- |G| ture in re- |C| verse |A|
|C| Still, it's so much |D| clearer
|G| I forgot my |C| shirt |D| at the |G| water's edge
The |C| moon is |A| low to- |C| night |D|

Inter: |G - C| |G - D|

|G| Night- |C| swimming |D| de- |G| serves a quiet night |C - A|
I'm |C| not sure all these |D| people unders- |G| tand
It's |C| not like |D| years a- |G| go,
The |C| fear of |A| getting caught |C|
Of |D| recklessness and |G| water
They |C| cannot |D| see me |G| naked
These |C| things, they |A| go a- |C| way,
Re- |D| placed by every- |G| day

Night- |C| swimming, |D| re- |G| membering that |C| night |A|
Sep- |C| tember's coming soon |D|
I'm |G| pining for the |C| moon |D|
And |G| what if there were |C| two
|A| Side by |C| side in orbit, a- |D| round the fairest |G| sun?
That |C| bright |D| tight for- |G| ever drum
Could |C| not describe |A| night- |C| swimming |D|

|G| You, I thought I |C| knew you |D|
|G| You, I cannot |C| judge |A|
|C| You, I thought you |D| knew me,
This one |G| laughing quietly |C|
|D| under- |G| neath my breath |C - A|
Night- |C| swimming |D|

Inter: |G - C| |G - D|
Instr: |G - C - D| |G - C - A - C - D|

The |G| photograph re- |C| flects,
|D| Every |G| streetlight a re- |C| minder |A|
Night- |C| swimming de- |D| serves a quiet  |G| night, |C - D - G|
de- |C| serves a |A| quiet |C| night |D| |G|

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