viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012


Pedida por Marcela.

|G| To-|D| night we |Am| fly |Em|
|C| Over the |G| houses, the |D| streets and the |B7| trees
|Em| Over the |Bm| dogs down be-|C| low
They'll |Em| bark at our |Am| shadows
As |C| we float |D| by on the |G| breeze

To-|D| night we |Am| fly |Em|
|C| Over the |G| chimney tops, |D| skylights and |B7| slates
|Em| Looking in-|Bm| to all your |C| lives
And |Em| wondering |Am| why
|C| Happiness |D4| is so |D| hard to (find)

......|G| Over the |D| doctor, |Am| over the |Em| soldier
......|C| Over the |G| farmer, |D| over the |B7| poacher
......|Em| Over the |G| preacher, |C| over the |Em| gambler
......|Am| Over the |C| teacher
......|G| Over the |D| rambler
......|Am| Over the |Em| lawyer, |C| over the |G| dancer
......|D| Over the |B7| voyeur, |Em| over the |G| builder
......|C| And the des-|Em| troyer
......|Am| over the |C| hills and |D4| far |D| a-|G| way

To-|D| night we |Am| fly |Em|
|C| Over the |G| mountains, the |D| beach and the |B7| sea
|Em| Over the |Bm| friends that we've |C| known
And |Em| those that we |Am| now know
And |C| those who we've |D| yet to |G| meet

And |D| when we |Am| die |Em|
Oh, |C| will we be |G| that disap-|D| pointed or |B7| sad
|Em| If heaven |Bm| doesn't e-|C| xist
What |Em| will we have |Am| missed
This |C| life is the |D4| best we've |D| ever |G4| had |G|

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