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Burning Down One Side by Robert Plant on Grooveshark

Intro: |G - Fsus4 - F| x 3 - |G|

|C - F - G| Slipped through the
|C| window |F| by the |G| back door
|C - F - G| Caught short in |C| transit |F| with my |G| love
|C - F - G| Jumped up, fell |C| back, cut |F| off from |G| romance,
|C - F - G| How could I |C| fall |F| without a |G| shove

|C - F - G| Tip-toed like |C| thunder |F| on my |G| feelings
|C - F - G| You rock me |C| gently |F| with your |G| sighs
|C - F - G| My knees are |C| weak, my |F| head is |G| reeling
|C - F - G| Consumed by the |C| fire |F| in your |G| eyes
(dont'cha know why, goodness no!)

|C - F - G| Stepped in and |C| shattered |F| my de-|G| fences,
|C - F - G| Just playing |C| hookey |F| with my |G| heart
|C - F - G| Slipped through my |C| window |F| by the |G| back door
|C - F - G| and took the |C| keys to |F| my poor
|G| heart, yes my poor |Fsus4| heart |F

Instr: |G - Fsus4 - F| x 3

.......|D| Try as |C| I might, |D| try as I |C| may,
.......|D| yes I'll try |C| anything to |D| make you |C| stay

.......|G| Cause I |F| need your love, |G| yes I |F| need your love,
.......|G| Yes I |F| need you love, |G| oh I |F| need you love |G|

|F - G - F - G| I'm looking high I'm looking low,
|F - G - F - G| Can't find where did my baby go,
|F - G - F - G| Gotta find out why she ranaway
|F - G - F - G| I don't know where did my baby stay,

.......|D| Try as |C| I might, |D| try as I |C| may,
.......|D| yes I'll try |C| anything to |D| make you |C| stay

Instr: |D7 - Bb - Gm --- D - Bb - Gm 

|C - F - G| Fire down the |C| Boule-|F| vard |G| d'Amour,
|C - F - G| Shot through the |C| neon |F| in the |G| night
|C - F - G| Hot foot through |C| alleys |F| check the |G| doorways
|C - F - G| Try that old |C| parking |F| lot on |G| Ninth

|C - F - G| There's three course |C| kissing |F| in the |G| same place,
|C - F - G| But that don't |C| help me |F| out no |G| more,
|C - F - G| I've been a-|C| way so |F| long and |G| dreaming,
|C - F - G| Little girl ain't |C| I seen |F| you be-|G| fore

Instr: |D - Bb - Gm| (rep. y desap.)

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