jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015


Intro: |Em - D - Ax 2 

Woke up on |Bmmonday |Eand got ready for |Aschool
Put on my |Bmuniform |Eit was three sizes too |Asmall
I said "dear, dear, dear |Bmteacher |EI've been six years a-|Away
And ain't finished my |Bmessay |Ecoz rock'n'roll rules |Aok!"

......|EmOoooooooh oo-|Doh oo-|Aoh ooh ooh

My conclusion this 
|Bmsummer, |Ewas there was much too much |Arain
So I ran off on |Bmthursday |Ewith a dance troupe from |ASpain
Where wine, dance and |Bmmusic |E| is the name of the |Agame
From Bilbao to |BmMadrid, |Emy mind ain't been the |Asame

......|EmOoooooooh oo-|Doh oo-|Aoh ooh ooh
......|EmOoooooooh oo-|Doh oo-|Aoh ooh ooh

Oh the rehearsals went 
|Bmeasy |Eand I'd learnt all the |Amoves
I was playing a |Bmtree trunk |E in a forest of |Afools
Now Maria moved |Bmreal good |E and I could if I |Awould
But when your mind's your |Bmprison, |E things just don't seem so |Agood

......And then we'll be |Bmmarried |G
......Then we'll be |Bmhappy |G
......And then we'll be |Bmmarried |G
......Then we'll be |Bmhappy
......|F#Ooooo-|Bmoooohhhhhhhhhh |E - A
......|Bm - E - A

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