miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011


Linda para renegar un rato tratando de frasear bien sin perder el ritmo. El tono original es B.

Intro: |Tab. - D4 - D ---- D4 - D - A/Dx 4 - |D - A/D - D|

Climbing up on Solsbury |D| Hill |A/D - D|
I could see the city |Bm| light |A6/B - Bm|
Wind was blowing, time stood |Bm| still |A6/B - Bm|
Eagle flew out of the |D| night |A/D - D|

He was something to ob-
|D| serve |A/D - D|
Came in close, I heard a |Bm| voice |A6/B - Bm|
Standing stretching every |Bm| nerve |A6/B - Bm|
I had to listen had no...

......|Gmaj7| choice, I |A7/G| did not be-|Gmaj7*| lieve the information
......|Gmaj7| |A7/G| Just had to |Gmaj7*| trust imagination
......|Bm| My |A6/B| heart going |Gmaj7| boom boom, boom
......|Bm| Son, he |A6/B| said |Bm|
......|G| Grab your |D/F#| things, I've |Em| come to |A| take you 

......|D4 home D ---- D4 - D - A/D| x 2 - |D - A/D - D|

To keeping silence I re-
|D| signed |A/D - D|
My friends would think I was a |Bm| nut |A6/B - Bm|
Turning water into |Bm| wine |A6/B - Bm|
Open doors would soon be |D| shut |A/D - D|

So I went from day to
|D| day |A/D - D|
Tho' my life was in a |Bm| rut |A6/B - Bm|
'Till I thought of what I'd |Bm| say |A6/B - Bm|
Which connection I should... 

......|Gmaj7| cut, |A7/G| I was feeling |Gmaj7*| part of the scenery
......|Gmaj7| I |A7/G| walked right |Gmaj7*| out of the machinery
......|Bm| My |A6/B| heart going |Gmaj7| boom boom boom
......|Bm| Hey, he |A6/B| said |Bm|
......|G| Grab your |D/F#| things, I've |Em| come to |A| take you 

......|D4 home D ---- D4 - D - A/D| yeah back
......|D4 home D ---- D4 - D - A/D| x 3 - |D - A/D - D|

When illusion spin her
|D| net |A/D - D|
I'm never where I want to |Bm| be |A6/B - Bm|
And liberty she pirou-|Bm| ette |A6/B - Bm|
When I think that I am |D| free |A/D - D|

Watched by empty silhou-
|D| ettes |A/D - D|
Who close their eyes, but still can |Bm| see |A6/B - Bm|
No one taught them eti-|Bm| quette |A6/B - Bm|  
I will show another... 

......|Gmaj7| me, to-|A7/G| day I don't |Gmaj7*| need a replacement
......|Gmaj7| I'll |A7/G| tell them what the |Gmaj7*| smile on my face meant
......|Bm| My |A6/B| heart going |Gmaj7| boom boom boom
......|Bm| Hey, I |A6/B| said, |Bm|
......You can |G| keep my |D/F#| things, they've |Em| come to |A| take me 

......|D4 home D ---- D4 - D - A/D| rep. y desaparece

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  1. Qué lindo tema, aguante Peter Gabriel che.

    Por cierto... qué bueno que estuvo Jethro Tull XD

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