lunes, 14 de junio de 2010


Clasicazo ideal para un rascado rápido y efectivo. El D11 es xx0213; el C4 x33010. Van las dos partes:


Intro: |G - C| x 3 - G

If you didn't |C| care |C4 - C| 
What happened to |G| me |G4 - G|
And I didn't |C| care |C4 - C|  
For |G| you |G4 - G|
We would |A| zig zag our way through the |A7| boredom and pain
Oc-|G/B| casionally |C| glancing |D| up through the |G| rain
|Am| ... Wondering |F| ... which of the |Am| buggers to |F| blame |C| - |C/B|
|Am| And |D7| watching |D11 - D7|  
For pigs on the |G| wing


Intro: |G - C| x 3 - G

You know that I |C| care |C4 - C| 
What happened to |G| you |G4 - G|
And I know that you |C| care |C4 - C|  
For me |G| too |G4 - G|
So I |A| don't feel alone, or the |A7| weight of the stone
|G| Now that I've found |C| somewhere safe to |D| bury my |G| bone
And |Am| any fool |F| knows a |Am| dog needs a |F| home |C| - |C/B|
|Am| And |D7| watching |D11 - D7|  
From pigs on the |G| wing

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